My Trains

As I'm learning, Amtrak is a collection of once independent train services around the country. Each has a rich history which I'll be learning about as I do this trip.  There are about 30 such lines but here are the ones I will be traveling on in order.

I'll be posting more about the train stations I'll be seeing and probably spending way too much time at as I go around the USA.

  • Lake Shore Limited
    Daily Service between NYC and Chicago
  • City Of New Orleans
    Daily Service between Chicago and New Orleans  (It really  does pull out of Kankakee like the song says)
  • Sunset Limited
    Amtrak's most southern route between New Orleans and Los Angeles
  • Texas Eagle
    My little crazy detour to Austin via San Antonio
  • Coast Starlight
    Los Angeles to Seattle but I'm detouring to San Diego then up to Portland
  • Empire Builder
    Amtrak's most northern route from Portland to Chicago
  • Cardinal
    Chicago to New York taking a more southern route than the Lake Shore Limited

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    • I’ll be posting information on the train stations where I will be getting off.

      Will use the site as my resource for the trip while I’m keeping everyone up-to-date.


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