I don’t know why or when this started but I have wanted to travel across the country for a very long time. Put that idea on tracks and what I have in mind is an 18 day Amtrak trip across America.

Maybe it’s my love of trains but I’ve hardly been on them. Sure, I’m a NJ Transit commuter to NYC and I’ve taken one trip to Orlando and one trip to Savannah so that’s two whole nights on a train. I’m leaving out the disaster train trip from DC to Boston to visit my friend Martin in the steamy summer of 1974. 

Maybe it’s that I’m both the son of and a father of engineers.  Ok, not that kind of engineer.

Maybe it’s all the RR music I love. King of the Road with the destination of Bangor, MA. Or that song with someone “working on the rail road.” Let me not forget City Of New Orleans which I learned how to play on my guitar recently in honor of the trip I’m about to take.

This Trip Is My Idea

With less than 2 weeks to go I’ve got a lot to do. Yes, there is my work but I also need time to get the hang of operating a GoPro camera which I’m dying to take on this trip;. I want to talk to and video as many people and places as I can. I want to see where we are as a country as I move over 8,000 miles in 18 days.

I  wonder what I will feel and experience as the trip gets closer. I really don’t know and if I did I wouldn’t be going on this trip. I’m looking for something but I can’t yet put that in words.

I’ve been asked if Arlene, my wife, will be on this trip. No, this is not her way of traveling. This is not her dream and she doesn’t share my need to see what I an and to figure out what is going on.

A Few Words About This Site

Is it ok if I quote myself?

This site is used to help people learn WordPress. It’s not a work of art and it’s not typical of a business web site. But it is loaded with teachable goodies – things you need to master to get really comfortable with WP.

That’s why I call it my teaching site.

Video Clips

You’ll soon find out that this site was made before, during and after my odyssey. Like this clip of me on a bike going over the Colorado River in Austin.

Here’s a taste of rural Indiana, early Sunday morning in March.