But Will I Have WiFi On Amtrak?

That's the question which has spent a lot of time in my mind this last week. After all, I'm taking more electronics on this trip than clothes and what good is all of that if you don't have a connection.

While I'd love to say that my connection will be as good and secure as it is at home I'm starting to see that this will not be the case. Service is spotty and the network is not just there yet. I was hoping to do all kinds of fancy stuff while on board but I may have to do this trip again in 5 or more years.

And I hven't left on this one yet. That's tomorrow.

Seems like the stations have good enough service but probably not secure.  I'll have to wait until I get into my hotels for good WiFi.  That means New Orleans and Austin next week.

Oh, the things that really matter in life.

Here's what Amtrak is saying about their WIFI Service.

My carrier, Optimum, says they only have hot spots along the East coast.  That doesn't do me any good because that's the part of America I won't be seeing.

Anybody have any ideas?  Leave in Reply box below. 

8 thoughts on “But Will I Have WiFi On Amtrak?”

    • Very interesting idea Tip and I’ll have some time to look into that once I get going. Today, just trying to cram 18 days of stuff into my fancy back pack. At least I got my wife’s MacBookPro that I am stealing to connect with my home iMac. But next thing is to try out your idea. Thanks much!

    • I met a professor who teaches new media at McAllister and he told me how to tether my cellphone so I can use my notebook securely wherever I go. I have to say I am really learning how to use my cellphone on this adventure.


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