On Saturday, March 24 at 4:45 P PDT I’m waiting to board the Empire Builder to take me (and two nights) to Chicago. An angel descends upon the Portland Union Station. How fortunate I was to meet her.

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Here’s a story I could not have made up if I had tried.

Not more than 20 minutes after leaving Union Station Chicago at 4:45 PM CST on Monday, March 25 I find myself walking around near Michigan Ave (the prettiest street in America as far as I’m concerned) looking for my hotel. Mind you, I have this enormous back pack on me that looks ridiculous and way to heavy for a guy my age.

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The Two Californians

Riding on the Coast Starlight from San Diego to Portland is a sight to behold. If only it hadn’t rained for most of the first day. The train hugs the southern CA coast. Doesn’t go quite as high as Highway One just south of Carmel and Monterey but the vista is fabulous if you’re sitting on the west side of the train as you head north.

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Mi compañera from Austin to El Paso where she livers was one of my favorites. She made a tough trip that was two hours late out of Austin more than bearable. We had a great tine and a lot of laughs.

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Michelle And Tonya

Michelle and Tanya

I could not have made this up had I tried.

On the Sunset Limited somewhere between New Orleans and Houston (probably in the Louisiana Bayou) I met Michelle who sat alone behind me. She’ll tell some of her story in the video.

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