Mi compañera from Austin to El Paso where she livers was one of my favorites. She made a tough trip that was two hours late out of Austin more than bearable. We had a great tine and a lot of laughs.

Adriana is fluent in Spanish and English but prefers the former which, she said, is more expressive.
She is a twin and is close to her as twins usually are. Her brother George is younger. She has a boyfriend but I don’t think it will last.

She and her boyfriend work in a fancy drug rehab facility which is about 2 hours outside of El Paso. She spends a lot of overnights there but travels back to be with her family.

She talked a lot about traveling in Mexico and I told her of my 2 and 1/2 months living in Jalapa, Mexico. I was there too learn Spanish but I failed terribly as I let my then girlfriend Cindy do all the talking since she learned Spanish in two days,.

Adriana was just the perfect person to share the ride over night and we are now FB friends so the makes us real amigos, verdad?

When the train got close to El Paso she pointed out where she lives. I hope I get to see her again one day but
I probably won’t.

6 thoughts on “Adriana”

  1. That’s funny. I bet everyone you hates themselves on camera. But it was fun. You really entertained me. Hope to see you again someday.
    Safe Travels.

    • If your work at the rehab center does not work out you can always be a movie star instead.

      Was 3 hours late to Portland yesterday where it is cold and rainy. I met a student from Cal Poly in an Luis Obispo who entertained me on his way to his home, San Jose. We had fun be he was only on the train for six hours and I was own for 33.

      Leaving for Chicago tomorrow and that is over 50 hours. I hope I find an Adriana on that one!

  2. It sounds like you two had great conversations. Bud, you’re killing me with the boyfriend prediction. I needed you a few years ago.


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