I want to keep things in order but I can’t because I have to tell you about Perry.

We were seat mates for about 14 hours out of Chicago.,

Perry is a few years older than me and a retired school engineer which is the nice way of saying Mr. Fixit. He is a child of the south and I could not have found a better person to take me to the Mississippi Delta.

As a young boy Perry marched for his freedom in Jackson, MS his birth place and where he was headed to see his 90 year old Mom. He is the second of 8 children and I can tell you many of their names and their stories.

We talked sports, food, politics, families and peoples’ relationships. He sure did talk a blue streak and I was afraid he’d keep me up all night. We laughed when I asked again to translate black talk for me and I picked up a lot of great expressions.

Perry would not just touch me when he talked. He poked, and pushed and jabbed me and was more physical with me than anyone I ever talked to. But I did not mind a bit. Perry was having a great time too.

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  1. It seems like you are having great experiences and Perry sounds like a great person to travel with. Keep chugging along.


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