Leaving In One Hour

In sixty minutes I'll be leaving my home and will be gone for 18 days. That is the longest time I've ever been away from home since I was 17 in 1970.

Yes, I'm a little nervous and certainly curious.

And it'll be the longest time away from my wife, Arlene since we met in 1980.

Not A Vacation. A Trip.

This is going to be hard and I know it. I designed it that way. I need to see how well I can do on my own. Over the years I got lazy and let Arlene do too many things.

Not on this trip.

I have planned every detail and have done what I wanted, so far. But I haven't even left yet.

I don't even think she knows where I'm going or if she does she has a hazy notion.

I'm going to find out how it is to travel as I've been planning being a visual impaired person. This is going to be tough but I need the experience of figuring out things for myself as difficult as I know this will be.

Long Time Coming

I first thought of this trip about 25 years ago. It was going to be the two of us plus our friends Ellen and Ira flying to Denver. From there we'd rent an RV then tour the great national parks.

Then Ira got sick and it turned into – at least in my mind – a trip with our boys doing most of the driving. That went no where.

A few years back the trip morphed into an RV excursion to the big national parks with Lance and Sura. Eventually we figured out that it wasn't going to work and besides RVs do not take care of themselves nor do they travel welling cities.

Now, It's A Train Trip

Since I can't take to the highway the train was the only way for me. Who needs the traffic anyway and I know I'll see things you can only see by train.

How Big?

I've always wanted to get a physical sense of America. Sure, I have flown coast to coast many times but that doesn't really give you the feeling. I need to feel how big this country really is. This is probably going to help me understand that. I'm figuring I've got about 10,000 miles ahead of me.

I Don't Know What I Don't Know

And that's another reason why I am doing this. Over time the trip became one that I needed to do even more than one I wanted to do. I came to the point where I could not talk or understand people who don't think the way I do. I'm going to talk to as many people as I can and really see if I can learn who we are, why we got this way and where we are likely to be going.

Speaking of going…it's that time.

10 thoughts on “Leaving In One Hour”

  1. Bud, as I mentioned to you, there is a choice to be made between listening and jousting…learning and teaching. Are you Charles Kuralt On the Road, or Morley Safer?
    Best advice is probably what our moms said:
    -don’t take candy from strangers
    -look both ways before you cross the street
    -brush your teeth before you go to bed
    In other words, keep your ass safe! We want you to make it home in one piece. Love ya!

    • I’ll be fine but I just heard about some bombings in Austin but I am going there anyway of course.

      I have a new rule since I have already lost one pair of fit over sunglasses. Look before you leave.

  2. Bon Voyage!! Hoping you accomplish all you set out to…and have fun while you’re doing it.??? Safe travels, Bud!

    • I am amaxed at how many people are interested in my trip. Where I go people want to know where I am going and why am I doing this. Who ever I talk to I get the sense that they know me.

  3. I will be following you every day, Buddy. I’m proud of you for doing this amazing trek…and a trek it is for anyone to undertake. Open your mind as well as your heart. It’s a big, beautiful country with some amazing sights and even more amazing people. Document it all.
    With love and abiding admiration,

    • Thank you so much Ruthie. That means a lot to me.
      You know me so you know why I am doing this. I have met amazing people so far and I have just gotten started. Will write more and post images and videos soon.

  4. Hey, Bud! What you’re doing is really cool! I look forward to following you. Just based on the Perry interview, it looks like a great time for meeting new people, ideas and perspectives. I think you’ve already conquered the unknowns. Safe travels and have fun.


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