Just a few things I had to jot down as I make my journey.

I’ll probably add to these after I publish this or I’ll turn one or two of these into a longer post.

Lose One, Gain One

On the way to Chicago on the Lake Shore Limited time played a little trick on me. During the 19 hour ride we first move the clock ahead one hour for EST then moved it back east of Gary, Indiana as we moved across a time zone.

Nothing gained and nothing lost.

Darkness All Around

I forgot just how dark the French Quarter is. I suppose the reason for that is we aren’t supposed to know what everyone is doing in voodoo land.

Here’s something that fascinated me for at least five minutes.

Student’s Eye View

Ever wonder what it would be like to attend Tulane and hop a streetcar on St. Charles to head to Canal Street?

For less than 2 bucks you can do this ride in about 20 minutes and it’s a beauty.

I could ride those streetcars forever. They make time disappear.

Make Me Want To Go There

I hopped onto a prospective student’s tour of Tulane. The campus is not a thing of beauty but I’m spoiled in that department because I went to Ohio University in Athens and it is still the prettiest campus I have seen – and I have seen a lot of them.

Turns out our guide was a very sharp fresdwoman from Westchester. I asked the most questions and I don’t think she caught on that I was just aboard for the ride.

The School Of Business just opened a 42M facility that was a knock out.

A gorgeous work of art that makes you want to go there!

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