Losing It

There’s a lot I can do with a title like that .  What I'm talking about is how much stuff I have lost since I started my trip.

Normally, I lose a pair of fitover sunglasses once every 5 years at the most. I’ve lost 2 pair in less than a week. I had to go to an eyeglasses store in Austin to buy a pair which I now tether in a case around my waist like you do for a little kid with snow gloves.

I’ve also lost a hat and part of my daughter’s fancy selfie stick that she and Nikita are taking on their trip to Japan next month. She gave me instructions not to lose it but I did not obey.

I’m concerned that I am going to lose something important. If I do, I will think of coming homer where I never lose anything.

Two Problems

Since I’m visually impaired it is a little logical that I am going to lose a thing or two. I expected that. A lot of stuff I won is black and has no contrast to putting it down in a lot of places.

But this is one reason why I am doing this trip. Could someone like me manage something like this? It’s a lot of work, that’s for sure. This is no vacation.

The other problem is that I brought a little too much

7 thoughts on “Losing It”

  1. I’m interested in the notion of losing “something important”. I’ve lost so many things over the years that I’d have trouble thinking of “something important”. I can think of trivial things that might be important like a charger cord.

    • Funny, Arlene once did too. Great minds lose alike.

      I never lose anything and now this. I lost – and then found – my blankie, my pillow (my traveling companions) and a re-charger. This has been crazy.


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