Made With Gutenberg

To some of you reading my blog, you won't care one whit that it was made with Gutenberg, then up and coming new WordPress editor that is likely to revolutionize the way web content is created.

But I know a lot of you are WordPressers, like me, and that using Gutenberg will mean something.  As I use this site to force myself to learn it I am well aware that it is under development and not really ready for prime time. This means that many plugins can't be used yet so if you find things looking very ordinary that's fine. I can't use all those plugins that bring a lot of coolness to WP.

So, just keep in mind that everything you see here was made only by using Gutenberg. Check this out if you're not sure what is Gutenberg.

Two Other Things To Remember

Most of you know  that I have a severe vision impairment. Actually, I am legally blind and so doing this – blogging and the trip itself – will be a real challenge. I'm going to make mistakes here and there and by that I mean along my 10,000 mile by rail odyssey.  Usually, I have my Wizard Of Words to watch over me but not this time. So, if I mess up, I mess up. And you'll know why.